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George really



This is my video commentary on the elections and
an outside view of what is happening in the United States.

My name is Christian Cap.
I am European.
For my generation, the United States
has always been an inspiring nation.
No matter who was president,
regardless of whether one agreed with US policy,
the values for which the USA stood,
everyone in the free part of Europe could share with conviction.

These values no longer seem to be important
to the current president.
Perhaps he does not share them,
maybe he doesn't know them, and
he is therefore unable to appreciate their importance, or
he deliberately wants to weaken these values.

The truth loses its meaning,
social cohesion becomes insignificant, and
the already distant goal of a society
in which every person is equally valuable and
has equal rights is lost in everyday racism.

How would George Washington talk about America today?

The United States is one of the oldest democracies.
The United States will find the right answer, for itself,
for the friends of this nation throughout the world.

Christian CAP
Alserstrasse 12
1090   WIEN
+43 699  12559932
Christian CAP
Alserstrasse 12
1090   WIEN
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